Why Join AIESEC?

AIESEC offers you an opportunity to put theory into practice and gain practical international experience.
This will give you a competitive advantage for any job you will apply for in the future or career you want to pursue.
As a member, you will obtain experience with sales and account management towards local and multinational companies, run an exchange project focused on a hot topic, engage in event planning or training in your
areas of expertise. The opportunities are plentiful. As the work excites you and you want more, you may
take up the challenge of leading a team and
influencing the strategic direction of your local office, take charge of negotiations with key stakeholders or run an international 5-days conference with 200 delegates just to mention a few options.
Think of the value of the practical experience of for
• Being in charge and leading of a team of 5-20 people
• Spending your summer going on a short-term internships.
• Making the annual branding and sales strategies for
your local office
• Being in charge of member development interviews,
and training of members
• Negotiating partnerships with companies on your 2nd year of university
Your AIESEC experience is up to you. It is a question of exploring the opportunities of the global network and
building a foundation for a career in your area of
interest. So if you would you like to diversify your CV
and widen your skills by working in a collaborative
environment with ambitious students, join AIESEC.

Are you ready to embrace a new world of opportunities
where you can design your own career path? AIESEC
offers you from hardcore skills training highly regarded
by any future employer to personal vision and goal-
setting. Our training walks hand in hand with
opportunities for putting your skills, passion and vision
into practice.
We offer to develop your professional skills toolbox
while exploring and discovering your potential and
what you want to do with your life.
In practical terms we offer:
• Develop leadership skills and competencies through
practical application
• Gain experience in leading and managing a not-for-
profit organisation.
• Learn to strategically plan, budget and mobilise other
people to achieve goals
• Train/facilitate at conferences
• Be part of a network of ambitious and talented
AIESEC leaders around the world and utilise this
network for the rest of your life
• Learn how to package and communicate your unique
experience to organisations
• Network with companies who want access to talented
young people
• Take your next steps in your career/future, put your
plan into action

We wish to allow our members to find and invest their
vision and passion in our activities. We cultivate
mentorship relationships to provide a supportive space
for feedback and guidance to your personal reflections.
You will be exposed to situations that will challenge
you and your leadership and give you confidence while
often fundamentally change the role you see yourself
having. Interacting and working with a group of globally
minded fellow students provide new perspectives on
yourself and how you see the world. Through our
conferences and connecting with people of a similar
passion, AIESEC can provide infusions of inspirations
for you to unleash your potential.
Leadership Development

With AIESEC you can jump-start your leadership career.
In fact, AIESEC offers over 6,500 leadership positions
each year at the local, national and international level.

So what. Are you waiting for?

You could also visit our opportunities portal @


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